Emma's Diary
Engaging new Mums


Emma's Diary is a brilliant service set-up to equip mums-to-be and new mums for the incredible journey of becoming a parent. From their advice, to their user-generated blogs, everything is delivered with empathy, inclusivity and credibility. Select brands are also given the opportunity to buy into the Emma’s Diary journey and sell their products to nearly 700,000 new Mum's every year.

As Emma’s social CRM agency, we faced a challenge that also gave us a few sleepless nights. How do we engage with mums at every stage of their amazing journey and create an active valuable online community?



Ellie Gauci, our Head of Planning didn’t just have her hands full with this brief, she had also just given birth to twins. So, taking our ‘method planning’ approach to the max, Ellie identified the ups and downs of a mum’s journey and the moments that really mattered. This insight meant we could break the journey down into six phases; from the 12-week scan to the baby's first birthday. Each of these phases triggered a series of purchases, which could be neatly packaged up as opportunities for brands to engage mums at these crucial points.

(Read Ellie's story here)


The engagement opportunities we identified formed our content pillars. This included everything from home improvement and finances, to health and relationships. The programme we created proved to be a huge success, increasing the size of Facebook and Twitter by 36% in just over a year.

The average monthly engagement rate was 7.8%, an excellent achievement given the Facebook average of 0.5% and proof we made Emma’s Diary matter to mums.

Highest Facebook Reach - 756,798 people reached (organic) and Facebook Engagement - 24.61% (organic)

Most shared on Facebook - 2.8k

Highest Twitter Engagement - 13.85%

Best Performing Blog Post written by us - 8,068 views