A Decorating Journey



To get more people decorating more often by inspiring them to use colour to make their living spaces more beautiful.


We created a programme of customer journeys and segmented emails, so we could both inspire and help our key audiences. This meant recognising that different people have different creative and practical abilities when it comes to decorating. We varied content between segments, offering testers to people ready to start a project, offering tips and helpful apps to those who needed guidance and encouragement, and showcasing quick home improvement opportunities to those short on time.


Our email programmes across each segment have had immediate success, performing far better than previous KPIs with click-through rates and open rates exceeding industry norms by over 800% in some cases. We are learning about what content and offers appeal to which segment of DIYers so we can better recognise their needs. For decorators, our ‘In the Know’ monthly email programme provides business support, exclusive offers and product information and is regularly achieving open rates of over 40%. Again we are learning about what type of content is best created to help them support their business.