Funeral Care


The perception is that all funeral insurance plans are pretty much the same. You pay in until the day you die.

Our ‘Grandad’s engine’ DRTV ad tells the story of an elderly gent and his pride and joy – his steam engine. Thanks to Co-op Funeralcare, ‘old Betsy’ is the only surprise that his family will face when the time comes.


We analysed what really matters through focus groups, diary studies and our method planning approach; which saw our planners plan their own funerals. Yep, really!

We discovered that the typical funeral approach was getting it wrong on 2 levels. Firstly the lack of clarity on what was being provided. And secondly, that people didn’t want to leave their loved ones with the burden of cost or organisiation at this traumatic time. Also that being British, the only time we talk about the macabre is in jest, in light hearted banter. We needed a different approach.

Focusing on the things that are left to you (that you probably don’t want) was the way to bring light humour to the macabre! The campaign launched with new DRTV and press to drive consideration and supported with direct mail, doordrop, and email to deliver the conversion we needed. The campaign was also supported through online display and PPC.


Press advertising


The brand tracker has shown our DRTV creative had a 10% increase in persuasion versus the old style brand TV creative. Not only that but it delivered a 6% increase on the key message takeout too!

We’ve had a 78% increase in sales versus the same period last year. One week period of the campaign saw a 103% increase vs the same time last year.