Anne Frank Trust
A Letter to David Cameron


The Anne Frank Trust is an educational charity that uses Anne Frank’s story to inspire young people and help them understand society. But it doesn’t help society understand young people. What if we could use Anne’s diary to open a window into the life of today’s thirteen year olds?


Anne Frank received her famous diary at the age of 13. We created a ‘Thirteen in 13’ competition inviting thirteen year olds to write to the Prime Minister about what life is like for teenagers in 2013. 13 winners were chosen by a panel of famous children’s authors. David Cameron agreed to read and reply to the winning letters, and even let us borrow his face for a short film to promote the idea.


The film went viral. It led to more than 1,300 thirteen year olds writing detailed letters to the PM covering topics ranging from sexting to ethical business. The story was featured in The Times, The Telegraph and spread online through Mumsnet, teaching organisations and schools. It was tweeted or re-tweeted to 2,739,023 followers.