What matters to new mums?

Research • By ELLIE GAUCI • 29 June 2016

First-time parents collectively contribute a whopping £500m to the UK economy each year in preparation for their first child’s birth*. That’s a big number, and a big opportunity for brands.

And it begs the question, what really matters to new Mums as they prepare for the arrival of their little one? Or ones?

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What’s inside our report:

  • What matters to new Mums
  • Where are we now?
  • Better targeting through shared experiences
  • Engaging new Mums with your brand

Read PSONA's full report

Our Head of Planning, Ellie, recently gave birth to twin girls.

She chats about becoming a proud Mum and how this inspired PSONA’s own Method Planning™  approach.

Emma’s Diary – the pregnancy guide every Mum and Dad should read.

Emma’s Diary exists to make sure every Mum-to-be is as prepared as you can be for the amazing experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

We worked with this fantastic brand to create a highly successful content strategy, which was driven by Mum’s due date.

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*Aviva First-time Parents Report