Finding the Energy Within

News • By ELLIE GAUCI • 29 June 2016

Some people retreat in the face of a crisis. Others find something extraordinary inside themselves – something they didn’t know they possessed.

Following a train accident in 2007, David Behre had both his lower legs amputated. Yet in the very worst of times, he found his Energy Within.


Perhaps it was fate that a feature on para-athletics appeared on TV four days after his surgery, but as he watched a film of Paralympians motoring along the track on carbon fibre blades, something clicked.

David looked and thought to himself: “I could do that.”

And so began his remarkable, second life.

PSONA Films’ ‘Running Man’ tells the story of David’s remarkable transformation.

It’s the latest chapter in BP’s campaign to promote their partnership with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in the countdown to Rio 2016.

The film seeks to show how the human spirit, that Energy Within, can be the most powerful energy of all.

Campaign recently interviewed Katy Eyre, Managing Director of PSONA Films, and BP about the filming of David’s story. Find out what they had to say in this short video.

Our first ‘Energy Within’ film just won two certificates for creative excellence at the US International Film & Video Festival 2016!

The film features Dutch sprinter and BP ambassador Marlou van Rhijn, and has racked up over 44 million online views since its release.

Here’s what BP had to say about it: “Our aim is to make a series of online films that capture the emotion in sport and reveal some of the deeply personal and moving stories that drive BP-supported athletes,” says Mark Rose, BP Brand Communications.

“These athletes have found their Energy Within and have stories that we believe are incredibly inspirational to viewers around the world. And to combine this with a video distribution strategy that maximizes high-quality views of the films.”

Changing perceptions

The Paralympic Games in Rio this summer will build on the success that London 2012 had in changing perceptions around disability. Once again this summer, the public will get the chance to watch world-class Para athletes perform to the highest standard and be defined by what they can do, rather than what they can’t.