A peek at Periscope

Insight • By ELLIE GAUCI • 29 June 2016

In our current climate, audiences seek transparency and clarity with big brands.

More than ever, customers want to know which brands to trust in a close and competitive market place. In order to satisfy transparency with its customers, some of the world’s biggest brands have turned to live-streaming facilities on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to create a more open relationship with its audiences.


Brands have been using Twitter’s new app Periscope to create live feeds with fans online, in order to showcase new products, provide behind the scenes access, and create exclusivity around the brand. These live streams are available for all users; however, users who follow official presences will be notified ahead of the stream in order to get immediate and exclusive access.

But what is Periscope?

Periscope is a video-streaming app owned by Twitter, which essentially allows users to live-stream events in their lives with followers and friends. Viewers watching the stream can interact with the content, by leaving comments and sending hearts, creating the equivalent of the Facebook “like”. Since its launch on the 26th of March 2015, Periscope has hosted over 10,425,000 streams, has 10 million users and has created over 102 billion impressions, emphasising the audience size available on this platform.

So how can Periscope be used by brands? There are many different reasons to adopt Periscope in a brand’s content strategy. So far, a large proportion of brands that have used Periscope are premium, global names that are able to offer exclusive behind the scenes content. However Periscope is an ideal platform for smaller brands as well, as it can be used for:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Interviews or Question and Answers
  • To encourage users to share personal brand experiences
  • Crowd-sourcing + immediate feedback
  • Future content upload

Below are a few of the most exciting uses of Periscope we have seen so far by some of the world’s biggest brands


Spotify saw an incredible opportunity with one of their already existing features, Spotify Sessions. Rather than upload the audio of acoustic performances, Spotify live-streamed these intimate sessions and therefore provided exclusive access to one of the world’s biggest pop groups, Little Mix. Spotify’s Periscope channel has over 94,000 followers, demonstrating the clear desire for this type of content.



Adidas target both fashion and sports fans on social, and Periscope is no exception. One of Adidas’ first attempts at using the live-streaming service saw football star James Rodriguez signing a contract extension with the sports brand to promote sportswear. By showcasing this on Periscope, Adidas were able to avoid the predictable stock images of the football star holding the contract to break the news. Instead, Adidas provided a new and exciting solution to these big announcements on social.



Similarly to Adidas, the fashion house DKNY decided to offer some previously unseen content for their first Periscope stream. DKNY PR GIRL, @dkny, took users on a whirlwind tour of the DKNY closet, offering some first glimpses of their new collections. DKNY was one of the first brands to adopt to live streaming, and since then, other fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters and H&M Canada have adopted the technology.


Users are able to subscribe to particular Periscope channels, as well as get notifications when a user/brand begins a new live-stream. This allows real-time interaction with a brand and its customers, and allows users to have a direct opportunity to communicate with brand representatives. Periscope opens communication between a brand and its audiences, creating an invaluable opportunity for transparency and clarity between online audiences and the organisation itself.

With similar services now available, such as Facebook Live and Snapchat, we can expect to see live-streaming technology become one of the staples of social content creation. More and more brands are likely to use streaming capabilities to engage with their audiences and receive immediate feedback on products and demonstrations. Make sure your brand isn’t late to the Periscope party and get in touch with PSONA Social to see how Periscope can work for your brand.