Method Planning™

We can’t possibly understand our Client’s business or the consumer’s life sitting at our desks. We’ve got to get out there and experience it for ourselves.

We call this Method Planning™ . It’s built on the principles of Method Acting, whose goal is to give the actor control over inspiration. The process allows them to live the experiences and emotions of the character to make their performance more effective.

Our actors are planners. And our goal is to find out what really matters to people to inspire the best idea or solution to make your brand matter.

We adopt two techniques:

  1. Live a ‘day in the life’ of our audience to build our understanding of them and their story, painting a picture of the wider context of the communication. Read how Josh gave up his vice, all in the name of Method Planning™ , here.
  2. The “Magic If” exercise helps us create imaginary scenarios and consider what their response might be if we put ourselves in their shoes, asking ourselves the question, “What would I do if...”

We always make time in our process to be able to do this, as we believe it makes for a more truthful brief and produces more effective work.

Our research into New Mums represents our dedication to Method Planning™